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Service, probity, advice and quality are the key words of Jean-François Poelman, appointed titular notary by King Albert II in August 1997, and Former President of the Notary’s Chambers of Brussels (2019-2020), and Christophe Le Roux, appointed associate notary by the Minister of Justice in February 2016. They created together the study “Act & Lex, Associated Notaries“. In April 2022, Michel de Frésart, appointed associate notary by the Minister of Justice, joined the association.

Our team counts twenty employees with complementary skills, who will accompany customers hand in hand at all important stages of their lives (buying / selling real estate, succession and family life, launching business, …), with a real proximity. Notaries and their staff master the laws of the three regions of the country.

Just a stone’s throw from Meiser Square, the European district and in the heart of cosmopolitan Schaerbeek, we welcome you in French, Dutch, English, Italian, Turkish, Greek, Armenian and Spanish.

The study holds the minutes of Notary Armand Brasseur de Warisoux (1926-1965) and Notary Joseph Verbist (1965-1997).